Friday, December 10, 2010


It has been the best Birthday eva and a fun crazy filled week.
My Birthday was full of so much love, mini golfathon, hellokitty, japanese fashion,
china town, kawaii treasures, galaxy world, pupcakes and gnome bowling xx


China Town and my favourite Japanese fashion store
Shibuya xx

Galaxy World!
We just love Japanese photobooth's
 Old skool arcade games, Street Fighter has been my favourite since I was a little gal.
I always use Chun li and if I do say so I'm pretty good lol xx

Air Hockey one day we will put a kick arse air hockey table in our house xx

This is what I woke up to my husbands amazing he always makes everything so special
I'm very lucky xx
So many kawaii treasures my husband even painted these paintings as a gift xx

Hello kitty treasures and japanese beauty products
Hello kitty wrinkle cream SUPER KAWAII xx
Gnome Bowling.....
Awwww loves it xx

luv and kitty polaroids xx

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