Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I haven't seen the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE since I was a little kid,
So it was such a surprise a BLAST FROM THE PAST when it came on the movie channel this morning.
This is 80's fashion at its best the clothes are amazing and I would wear them today if I could.
Giant bows, leopard print,street sign fabric,puffs,glitter tulle a dream come true.....
( I feel a DIY wardrobe make over coming on )
Not only is the fashion important but I totally forgot why I loved this movie so much as a kid
it has an amazing message of true friendship and what beauty really is xx

"If your parents say you dress like you should be in a carnival
you can be a GARBAGE PAIL KID"
Well heres a pail heres a lid
you can be a garbage pail kid
you can be a GARBAGE PAIL KID xx

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