Friday, December 31, 2010

Adventures in little China Town xx

We closed the shop early and had some adventures in China town,
China town is one of my fav places in the whole world it has the cutest hidden stores and 
 the most amazing Japanese fashion mall.
We ran into Blue Bear,hit the markets,ate chinese food and shopped at my favourite Japanese store.
We visited Kinokuniya and pick up all my Japanese fashion mags,
looked around and checked out all the beautiful year of the bunny Chinese New year decorations.
I'm really excited about the year of the bunny,bunnys are cute happy and sweet
so I'm guessing the year of the bunnys gonna be SUPER KAWAII hehe
Chinese New Year is starts in Febuary 2011

Kawaii Treasures.

More bobble heads to add to my collection
Super kawaii xx

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