Thursday, February 23, 2012

I WEAR my SUNGLASSES at night!!

I love Sunglasses and Head accessories, like most women love shoes!!
I have hat stands and mannequin heads covered in bows, mouse ears, 70s floppy hats,
Turbans, feathers, flowers and Tiaras xx
Sunglasses are my equal fav I have draws full, bags laying around with coloured sunglasses, rainbow sunglasses, heart, sparkle, stars, shiny, market and designer shades.
But you haven't meet or own a pair of Sunglasses until you meet Kerin Rose.....
This gal is remarkable, her shades make me want to have a glitter, roller skating party!!
Not only are her glasses amazing, but she has some wicked style,
her future is so bright, she need to wear shades ;) hehe

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