Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Show Time!!

Im totally obsessed with shows,
I've loved show time since I was a little girl.
Some of my favorite fondest memories are from when my pa
took me to the Easter Show, Show bags, Fairy Floss, rides, crazy wigs and hats.
I rarely talk about my dad much as we really don't have any sort of relationship,
but when I was younger he would take us to the Sydney shows
and the local Dubbo shows.
Dad had a friend that was a showy that owned loads of rides and traveled around Australia,
I thought they were the coolest people we knew, we used to get free ride tickets and
get to visit there home on wheels.
Anyway it's nearly Berry Show time, so I visited the show ground today
so I could take photos of them setting up, check them out!!
Did anyone else want to runaway and join the show when they were little ;)

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