Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Golden Collar Awards

The Golden Collar Awards.
If I could attend any Award Ceremony this award season,
It would be The Golden Collar Awards.
An award ceremony to honour the gorgeous dogs from Film and Television.
Congratulations to Uggie who was nominated twice in the best dog in Film category,
for Water for elephants and the artist, Uggie won for the artist.

Gorgeous Koko from Red Dog won for best dog in a foreign film.
If you haven't seen this amazing Australian film it's a must!!
Other winners were
Best Dog in a Television series....Brigette as Stella from " Modern Family "
Best Dog in a Reality series Gigi from " The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Hercules from "Pit Boss"
Best Dog in a Movie-Direct to DVD....Rody as Marley in " Marley and me/ The Puppy Years "

It was also great to see that Blackie from Martin Scorsese's Hugo was nominated.
Blackie was a written in nomination due to originally missing out as being a nominee,
because it was thought Blackie was a product of CGI and not a real dog,
she missed out to the gorgeous Uggie and I'm sure we can
all agree that Uggie was a deserving winner and his performance in both films was Spectacular.
" I love and adore that Uggie is a rescue dog, now that's a true Hollywood Story."
Congratulations Uggie!!

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