Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cat Cafes!!

Ok so my latest obsession is Cat Cafes.....
I've visited loads of dog parks, dog Cafes, pet restaurants, and made many puppicino's
but I've never visited a place like this.
The next time I visit Tokyo I'm going to go hang out with all the cool kitty's!!
I love this concept, you can pay to hangout and have a playdate with all the cats,
why you drink tea and catch up with friends.
I think this is wonderful Tokyo is such a beautiful busy city and places like
this provide a relaxing space, not to mention animal companionship.
In a country that is limited by space it is hard to have pets so places like this
can bring the love of animals into there lives.
Another great thing about these Cafes are that all of the Cats aren't just designer breeds,
there are everyday cats, mixed breeds and with some cats even being rescued.
The best thing about Cat Cafes is they have strict rules on hygiene,
Cat care and Cat wellbeing.
A healthy Kitty is a happy Kitty xx

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