Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Frog and Dog kind of guy.....

In honoured and remembering a legend this blog is dedicated to
Jim Henson the worlds most famous dreamer who the world lost 22years ago.
Thanks to Jim Henson he created many life long friends for all of us to enjoy
and future generations.
Have you ever thought how many wonderful dogs Jim Henson created
from the most famous dog, Rowlf The Muppets resident pianist to the wild crazy
Fizzwig dog like creature from The Dark Crystal.
Jim Henson subconsciously taught us how to love and care for all animals no matter
what they look like or where they came from, he taught us compassion for all
living creatures.
Thankyou Jim Henson xx

The adorable crazy Fizzwig from the beautiful movie
The Dark Crystal,
I was obsessed with this movie as a child,
Fizzwig and Kira were my favourites, who didn't want a pet Fizzwig ;)

Barkley from Sesame Street.
The big lovable dog that can understand sign language
and who is everybody's Bestfriend.

Who could forget the 1980s classic Labyrinth,
I think we were all scared that we were going to get
kidnapped by a Goblin King hehe.
Do you remember Sarah's dog Merlin and
Sir Didymus's dog Ambrosius who he rode around like a horse,
who interestedly looked alot like Merlin??

Docs lovable sheep dog that spends most of his time in
Docs Workshop or chasing Fraggles.
Sprocket later became great friends with the Fraggles even visiting Fraggle Rock.
Sprocket is Docs loyal companion and best friend,
Jim Henson once again teaches us friendship comes in all shapes and sizes....

The Storytellers talking dog who's name is,
well Dog.
Dog sat around the fire with an old Storyteller who retold folk tales of old.
Did you know that Dog was performed and voice by Jim's own son,
Brian Henson.

Jim Henson's Dog City was a spin off show,
Which included puppets and animation.
The shows main character was Eliot Shag who animated
the adventurous Ace Hart....
There are many great characters in this series with awesome names such as
Artie Springer, the heroine Colleen Barker, Bulldog Bruno
and landlady Ms Fluff'e who is a cat, proving once again we can all just get along.

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