Saturday, May 19, 2012

The man with the BIG fluffy red heart.....

I just have to share one of the most inspiring,
Heart felt, gorgeous, sweetness documentaries I have ever seen.
I feel so lucky and grateful that I was able to see, experience and share this film.
It's a film for all ages young and old,
If you have ever had a dream, been inspired or have had a wish in your heart
this is the film for you.

I cannot believe how moving this film is,
I've been longing to see it and it really is the Documentary or the decade.
I smiled, laugh and cried more times than I even know,
It is the story of Kevin Clash the puppeteer who is most famous for
" Being Elmo"

This man is beyond amazing a dream and talent he had and followed from young.
A supportive family, dedication, will power, faith and a lot of hard work,
Kevin Clash is the essence of happiness and success.

There are so many special moments in this film,
from the young Kevin with a dream, to meeting Kevin Love
to eventually working with the dream maker himself Jim Henson.

The way he has given Elmo life, the work he has done for the children of the world,
especially the sick and the joy he has brought to many,
Including the full circle moment in the film where he meets and mentors a young girl,
with the same creative nature and talented they both shared at a young age.
Makes this movie a must see for everyone.

Really is there anyone else that's more kinder or sweeter then Elmo?
The answer is yes Kevin!!
This man has the most amazing heart and zest for life,
such a wonderful role model and talent that makes the word a happier place.
" I new Elmo should represent Love "
- Kevin Clash

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