Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magic A Class Act.

We just watched a documentary on Magic Johnson,
ESPN The Announcement.
Wow what a guy I had no idea what a charming, warm, kind, strong man he is.
Magic Johnson is so much more than a basketball player even though he's
one of the all time greats and Captain of the original Dream Team.
An Aids advocate and survivor.
Business genius, entrepreneur, role model, philanthropist,
Broadcaster, motivational speaker and creator of the Magic Johnson Foundation.
Magic Johnson has really done so much as a person,
Not just from his achievements but for what he has brought to other peoples lives,
He has helped the world, people, children, family's and
has brought all races, groups and community's together as one.
Bringing awareness that the aids virus affects all genres no matter what a
personal relationship preference is.
I really don't know how the world would be today if Magic Johnson,
didn't announce to the world that he had contracted the Aids virus,
The world saw and lived through Magic Johnson that it's ok to touch me, I'm still me,
I'm alive I'm here and I'm going to live my life.....
Magic Johnson Foundation

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