Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'll have what APP she's having!?

I'm totally obsessed with Apps its the reason I own and iPhone 4,
My Ipad2 is also full of Apps.
I'm an App addict, I love to buy and try new Apps and I love to share
and review the cutest Apps available with all of you xx
My current App obsessions at the moment are Kitty booth,
Princess cam and Ballon....
Kitty Booth
Is of course extremely Kawaii and features the legend,
Hello Kitty!
But you don't just have to be a Hello kitty fan to use this App,
Yes you can add hello kitty and her friends but you can also add
cute images, face whiskers, bows and teddy ears.
I love this app for putting text on photos very easy, great colours and cute fonts.
I like to combined apps, I enjoy saving pics then loaded the photos into
other Applications.

Princess Cam!
Ok this App seriously is one of the best Deco, Kawaii Apps
I've ever used.
You can make your own stamps,cards,uploaded pics,add fonts,
glitter,stamps,backgrounds,frames,sparkles,coloured filters.....
You name it you can do it!!
If your a Kawaii princess and Japanese Deco queen ( like me ;)
and have to decorate any plain surface, this is the App for you!
I love this app so much that even if I use other Photo apps,
I save my photos and finish with this App.
This is a great way to jazz up your Instagram pics
( probably the most famously used photo App)
You can follow us on Instagram at @jedibarbie.....
Let me know yours so I can follow you back.

The Ballon App can take a normal photo and turn it into your
own personally comic, I love comics and I've found some Amazing comic book Apps
( which I'll do a separate blog on :)
On the Ballon App you can control font,text,size,colour,style,background
and much more!
This App is like having a mini Stan Lee inside your phone or IPad
which is personalizing your photos hehe.

Do you all have any favourite Apps, leave me your comments
and I'll check them out xx

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