Monday, May 28, 2012

That Gals Got Some Wicked STYLE.....

With her doll like features, porcelain skin,
and wild untamed hair.
Helena Bonham Carter has a quirky style
that she owns and rocks.
Most times being slammed by magazines, blogs and fashion critics.
Helena gets the last laugh, unfazed she sticks to her style,
rocks the red carpet with mis match shoes,
High Fashion pieces from one of my favorite designers and many others
Vivienne Westwood.
Making the worst dress many times Helena herself was shocked that she
made the Vanity Fair 2010 best dressed list, thinking it was a joke.
Finally someone thought outside the box and appreciated her style.
I personally think Fashion, Home decor and everyday Style should reflect you.
That's why I think someone like Helena is a fashion role model.
Her style may not be others required taste, but that my friends is the best thing
it's her's and she OWNS it!
Following making the best dress list 2010
Helena Bonham Carter became the face of Marc Jacobs 2011
Autumn/Winter campaign.
Helena has said that one of her Fashion inspirations is
Marie Antoinette.
Which isn't surprising, Marie Antoinette is famous throughout
the world for her style and independent spirit,
Just like Helena Bonham Carter.

Helena has graced every magazine cover you can think of
from High Fashion to a sexy cover and photo shoot for Maxim Magazine.
Proving she's not only a chameleon in her films but also in fashion.
Helena Bonham Carter really is a Fashion Icon
role model and inspiration.
So next time your having a fashion dilemma maybe think outside the box
grab yourself a quirky headpiece or mismatch your shoes....

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